CBRN Defense Awareness V2.0 Complete Questions and Answers

This article will provide you with all the questions and answers for CBRN Defense Awareness V2.0


In which mopp level would you wear the cpo protective mask, gloves, overboots, field gear, and personal body armor

- MOPP Level 4


Which term provides guidance by indicating safe distances to avoid exposure due to chemical vapor hazards from contaminated resources?



Clear access routes into and out of chemical zones used to avoid contamination are called?

-  zone transition points


When should you replace your cpo if it becomes wet through the inner lining with any of these materials such as petroleum, oil, hydraulic fluid, body fluids, (urine and feces), and many common insect repellents?

- replace as soon as your mission allows


As part of your GCE you will be issued protective foot covers. The footwear covers are designed to ____.

-Protect your feet and ankles from contamination

What can blister agents do to rubber gloves?

-reduce the protection time provided by the gloves.


Which one is used to decontaminate your equipment?

-M295 kit


Which one has the ability to destroy entire cities and impair electronic communication systems?

-Nuclear weapon detonations



Which one describes the standard hazard markings for biological hazards?

-right isosceles triangle with a blue background and red lettering.

 What should you do when issued your CPO?

- Leave items in the factory bag.


What should you do if an attack begins without warning?

- Drop to the ground, don protective mask (if not donned already) and clench buttocks tightly


Which one is an example of active use of M8 paper?

- Dipping a sheet of m8 paper into the liquid


When you are ready to wear your CPO, where should you mark or place your personal identification?

- on the CPO coat and hood


How should you remove your GCE if it is contaminated?

- go to a contamination control area to remove the GCE


What alarm condition indicates the attach is over and cbrn contamination, uxo, and other hazards are suspected or present?

- Alarm Black


If you become contaminated with chemical agents, decontaminate by processing through the CCA within ___ of contact?

- 24 hours


CCOR guidelines are designed to help you avoid chemical agent vapor hazards from chemically contaminated resources?

- True


GCE protective gloves consist of two pieces, the outer rubber gloves and ____?

- inner glove liners


Which one has adhesive coating that is protected by a strip of brown, waxed paper?

- m9 paper


M8 and m9 paper emit toxic fumes when burned?



How long should it take for you to don your protective mask and ensure the seal is airtight?

-9 seconds



How should you remove our GCE if it is contaminated?

-Go to a contamination control area to remove the GCE


Although the m50 mask is not effective in confined spaces, in cbrn enviroments, the mask will protect your ____?

- face, eyes, and respiratory tract from chemical and biological warfare agents and radioactive dust particles


Which hone has the ability to destroy entire cities and impair electronic communication systems?

- nuclear weapon detonations


The waterproofing bag in the m50 mask carrier is a resealable plastic bag that is used for which purpose?

- to protect the mask from moisture and wet conditions



How long during alarm red should you remain in your current position and under cover?

- Until directed otherwise


When donning the protective mask, expel the air from your lings before performing which step action?

- Perform negative pressure check


In doffing the M50 mask, which step is performed first?

- Remove headgear


In donning your cpo hood, which step comes first?

- pull the hood over the mask



Who decides to implement split MOPP?

- Installation Commander


Which type of device includes any point source that emits radiation without actively dispensing radioactive material across an area?



During the decontamination process, in a CCA you will____ your contaminated equipment.

- remove


Which type of nuclear burst occurs above 100,000 feet surface level?

- High Altitude


The chemical protective coat and trousers when worn together are call the ____



Which type of chemical agent, when released can cause casualties for more than 24 hours to several days or weeks?

- Persistent


U.S. policy bans research, development, production, stockpiling, and acquiring of biological agents or toxins for hostile purposes.

- True


Preparedness actions to counter CBRN attacks at your installation are dependent upon the____

- threat probabilities


Which type of report is submitted by the observer upon encountering enemy activity, to higher headquarters, through the most secure means?


Used decontamination kits (skin and equipment kits) are considered contaminated waste.

- True


What can be done to make M9 paper easy to remove?

- Make a pull tab on the end


The M50 mask carrier is worn on the left side of the body

- True


Which of the following are pathogens

- All of the above


Which one is a priority for immediate decontamination from CBRN contamination?

- Exposed skin


What should you do if your GCE rubber boots become contaminated with gasoline, oil, grease or cleaning fluids?

- Wipe off the boots and air-dry within two minutes to prevent deterioration.


Which one is used to detect and identify the presence of liquid chemical agents?

- M8 paper


When should you remove your CPO after it becomes contaminated?

- Within 24 hours of contamination


Which alarm condition indicates an attack by air or missile is imminent or in progress?

- Alarm red


What should you do upon issue of your protective mask?

- clean and inspect your protective mask IAW with the M60 mask T.O. and as directed


Why are vital resources, equipment, and assets covered or stored under cover prior to a CBRN attack?

- To protect them against CBRN contamination


The CBRN attack actions include preparedness, recover, and ____

- Response


The best ways to protect against the effects of exposure to _____ are by the time, distance, and shielding

- Radiation


The M50 mask has components that allow you to do which of the following while wearing the mask?

- Communicate and consume liquids


What should you do if the M8 paper indicates positive results?

- Treat it as contaminated and report the results


Which method may be used to deliver biological warfare agents?

- Insect vectors


Attach M9 paper to your protective clothing near the wrists, ankles, and ____

- Both biceps


Which one shields your face, eyes, and respiratory tract from chemical and biological warfare agents and radioactive dust particles?

- Protective mask


The wavering tone warning signal alerts the base of

- air attacks


Which one is used to make the identification label for your CPO

- M9 paper or olive drab tape


Each M295 kit consists of a wallet containing four individual decon packets.  What does each packet contain?

- A decon miss filled with decon powder


Which type of nuclear burst occurs under 100,000 feet but the fireball doesn’t contact the earth’s surface?

- Air Burst


The GCE consists of the protective gloves footwear covers m8 and m9 chemical detection paper the m295 decontamination and the____



Which part of the GCE is normally donned first?

- CPO trousers


The CBRN hazard marker for a chemical hazard is a ____

- Right isosceles triangle with a yellow background and red lettering


Short-term storage for the protective mask is when it is stowed for less than 30 days with the head harness pulled back and the straps tucked inside of the mask

- False


Protective actions such as obtaining immunizations and taking preventative medications as well as maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are individual protective actions generally for which type of hazard?

- Biological


Which methods are used to deliver chemical warfare agents?

- Theater Ballistic Missiles (TBM)


Which alarm condition indicates the attack is over and CBRN contamination, UXO, and other hazards are suspected or present?

- Alarm Black


A tactic used to divide an installation or operating location into two or more CBRN zones is called____

- Split MOPP

Question: Which one is olive drab and chemically treated to change color when it comes in contact with liquid nerve or blister agents?
Answer: M9 paper

Question: Which M50 mask accessory should be used if storing the mask for more than 30 days?
Answer: Faceform

Question: The M50 mask is not an authorized respiration device for use during industrial chemical spills and may not provide protection.
Answer: True