Air Force Culture General Course

This article will provide you with the questions and answers to CBT Air Force Culture General Course


Culture is described as everything humans do that is not strictly necessary for _________.



All of the following are visible expressions of culture except?



A status that is earned, rather than inherited at birth, is called________.



Perspective taking includes subordinating your beliefs to that of the host culture.



The process of understanding another culture using their cultural lens rather than your own is known as _________.

- Perspective Taking


The collective perspective shared by members of a culture is referred to as _________.

- World view


Cultural domains are interconnected



How many domains are included in the Air Force model of culture?




Cultures that attempt to maintain their historic patterns and resist change are usually described as _________.


Impression Management assumes that most people want to be viewed __________ by others.

- Favorably


The 3 Steps of Impression Management are

- Monitor you behavior, interpret cues, and regulate your emotions.


Don’t worry about showing your frustrations when dealing with the locals. Next time they’ll know you mean business, and be more willing to help you out.