This article will provide you with the questions and answers to CBT LOAC


If the enemy violates provisions of the law of armed conflict then us forces:

-US Forces will keep LOAC rules!

Extreme military necessity excuse acts that are normally considered war crimes under the law of war?


The red cross symbol be used to hide military activities?


A civilian factory where military aircraft parts are fabricated may be subject to attack?


Maps and military documents may be taken from prisoners of war?


A detainee may be killed if the detainee's presence is a threat to the unit's safety, security, or mission.


Which statement best describes employment of a legal weapon?

-Employing hollow-point bullets after receiving them for a specific mission.

Under the Geneva conventions, prisoners of war are only required to give a captor their:

-name, rank, date of birth, SSN

The red cross is an internationally reconginized symbol for protected medical and religious personnel.


Captured military medicial personnel are:

-Retained personnel

You can shoot descending enemy paratroopers:


Detainees will be treated humanely at all times and will provided

-food, water, shelter, clothing, and medical treatment

You have an obligation to ______ an order that results in violation of LOAC.


Specific instructions telling military forces how to operate during a specific conflict or military operation are known as

-Rules of Engagement

A set of minimum, generalized rules that apply during an armed conflict is referred to as the


Rules that regulate the conduct of nations established through treaties and customary practices among states are defined by

-international Law

_______ requires commanders to weigh the military advantage anticipated by an attack on a military objective against the harm caused to civilians or civilian property.


A key concept for rules of engagement is the inherent right


As a member of the us armed forces, you have an individual duty to all of the following except:

-Cease firing when you do not hear enemy fire

Enemy combatants, military equipment, and military facilities may be lawfully targeted.

-The principle of distinction is used to ensure protection is afforded to places or objects belonging to civilians and noncombatants