USFK TDY Theater Specific Required Training

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The Combined Forces Command has responsibility to

-Deter and defend against acts of external aggression by exercising wartime operational control and readiness of provided forces

Which of the following answers is correct regarding must bring items when deploying to Korea?

-Equipment requirements are listed on my orders


In which of the following situations would the ROK have primary jurisdiction?

-A DUI that occurred in a military vehicle


To whom should you report suspected prostitution and human trafficking?

-Courtesy Patrol/Chain of Command

Who is authorized to drive in Korea?

-Permanent party personnel only

Which of the following is a violation of Korean laws and regulations?

-A service member getting a USFK tattoo at a local tattoo parlor

Which of the following is true of SOFA?

-SOFA is legally binding


Black marketing is

-The transfer of tax free items to non-USFK members


Commander, USFK provides support and capabilities to which two organizations

-Combined Forces Command and United Nations Command