Blended Retirement System

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 _____, is an incentive designed to encourage members to continue serving at critical points in their career and may be provided to you mid-career for your commitment to at least 3 additional years of service.

-Continuation Pay

The addition of interest added to the principal in a retirement account over time is called _____.


The BRS calculator enables you to _____.

-estimate your potential retirement savings and income

The following individuals can make the final BRS opt-in decision for you:

-Only you can make this decision.

Under the BRS, the basic components of your retirement plan are: (Select all that apply):

-Up to an additional 4% Government-matching contributions to a TSP account based on Service member contribution rates

-Eligibility for a Lump Sum payment option

-Automatic 1% Government contribution to a Thrift Savings Plan account

-Monthly retired pay at 40% in return for at least 20 Years of Service

Money that is vested in a retirement account is _____.

-the employee's to keep along with all interest earned and employer-matching contributions

Service member decisions to opt into the Blended Retirement System (BRS) _____.

-cannot be reversed at any time once made (correct)

8) Before making a final decision on a Uniformed Services retirement plan, Service members need to consider _____.

-all of the above

9) The legacy "High-3" retirement system for the Uniformed Services requires Service members to serve _____ years of active duty, or qualifying Years of Service for the Reserve Component, in order to qualify to receive the defined-benefit retired pay.


10) You have the opportunity to opt into the BRS because you are either an Active Component (AC) member who will have completed fewer than _____ or a Reserve Component (RC) member who will have fewer than _____ as of December 31, 2017.

-12 YOS, 4,320 retirement points

11) A pension is _____.
a retirement system in which an employee continues receiving regular income after he/she retires

12) Which of the following are advantages to Service members who participate in the Blended Retirement System with respect to the Thrift Savings Plan?

-Government-automatic [1%] contributions and Government-matching contributions up to an additional 4% of basic pay

13) Financial experts advise you will need approximately _____ of your pre-retirement income in order to maintain your standard of living after you retire.


14) The Blended Retirement System (BRS) and the legacy "High-3" retirement system both require _____ Years of Service (YOS) in order to qualify for monthly retired pay.