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During the incident action plan (IAP) development process, existing portions of installation plans such as the Installation Emergency Management Plan 10-2 or Integrated Defense Plan should not be considered or included in the final IAP.



A task force is a set number of resources of the same kind and type that have an established minimum number of personnel.



The incident action plan must be in writing for all incidents.



In connection with the Defense Support of Civil Authorities program, which of the following best describes the legal term “Posse Comitatus”?

-A law prohibiting federal military troops to enforce civilian law


Which section below is responsible for the tactical operations at the Incident?



Which statement describes what a common operating picture provides during an incident that involves the disaster response force conducting the indecent briefing?

-Provides the ground truth awareness and understanding of an incident


What is the primary consideration for selecting or designating the recovery operations chief? This person be;

-A subject matter expert in the hazards or recovery activities underway within the incident site


The incident command system positions have designated titles. What is the title of a person assigned to the Command Staff?



The IC takes policy direction from the senior military representative (SMR). Who is normally the installation SMR?



Area command is used when there are______incidents that are being handled by a separate incident command system organization.



Transfer of command from on IC to another IC is determined by the rank of the person assuming command.



When are mutual aid agreements normally developed?

-Well before incidents occur


Which section below is responsible for gathering and disseminating information critical to the incident?



The recovery operations chief, in coordination with the emergency operations center director and supported from various, directs recovery and restoration of the incident site.

 -emergency support functions


The incident action plan must be in writing for which of the following incidents?

-A hazardous materials is involved in the incident


When local and state authorities are overwhelmed by major incidents and request assistance from an Air Force installation, installation commanders may authorize immediate response for which of the following reasons?

-Mitigate massive property damage


Which of the following is an initial response governing principle?

-Determine and communicate protective measures


Fire emergency services will be the IC for incidents that involve more than two response agencies.



A national response framework (NRF) response doctrine principle is; tiered response.



An Incident management team is an incident command organization made up of which two staff functions of an incident command system?

-Command Staff and General Staff


The Air Force Incident Management System (AFIMS) incorporates the_____ policies and doctrine.

 -National Response Framework (NRF)


When incident command has been transferred, the process must include a briefing of essential information for continuing effective operations. Which element from the list below should be the first one to address during the transfer of command briefing?

-Situation Status


The incident action plan (IAP) consists of multiple components. Which ICS section/unit is normally responsible to prepare the logistics plan component of the IAP?

-Resources Unit


ICS forms must be used to assist the IC and staff to manage the incident.



Examples of some elements of an Air Force multiagency coordination system (MACS) are emergency operations center, crisis action team, and ____

-unit control centers


The IC must maintain a situational awareness or scene size-up of the incident. Which of the following is a scene size-up issue the IC must be aware of?

-Incident complexity changes


All entities involved in managing an incident must use common terminology during response operations.



To standardize common terminology between local, state, and federal agencies, the National Incident Management System created a_____ system.

 -Resource Typing


The written incident action plan is developed with assistance from the EOC, ICS command, and general staff. Which of the following develops the incident objectives?

-Incident Commander


The incident command system command function may be conducted in one of two ways. What are these two ways?

-Unified Command and Incident Command


Which section below is responsible for ordering all support to the incident?



Response activities should support the incident priorities established by the incident commander. What are the two examples of these priorities?

-Life safety and mission continuation


When local and state authorities are overwhelmed by major incidents, what program can they use to request federal assistance?

-Defense Support of Civil Authorities


If an incident escalates into a large complex incident and the installation’s support requirements are exceeded, what can the incident commander call upon or implement to request additional support from outside agencies?

-Mutual Aid Agreements


In the incident command system (ICS), the first responder to arrive on scene must initially______

 -assume command of the incident.


An example of an Air Force multiagency coordination system (MACS) element is a unit control center.



During the incident action plan development process, SMART objectives are developed. What does the acronym SMART mean?

-Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, Time sensitive


Long term recovery operations will most likely require activation of ESF-14, Long Term Community Recovery/Mitigation. Which installation function is the Office Primary Responsibility for ESF-14?

-Civil Engineer Squadron


The purpose of the national response framework (NRF) is to ensure that all response partners across the nation understand domestic incident response roles, responsibilities, and relationships in order to_______ any type of incident.

-respond more effectively to


Common terminology should be used during incident response operations. Which of the following terms would NOT be considered common terminology during a joint military civilian response?

-Eagle One


An example of a “kind” of resource is ____

-2.5 ton truck.


The purpose of an area command is to oversee a single incident when an incident commander is not available.



The IC must maintain a situational awareness or scene size-up of the incident. Which of the following is a scene size-up issue the IC must be aware of?

-Incident complexity changes


Resources needed to support the incident commander are categorized into two categories, kind and____



Which activity below is an example of an activity at the end of the response phase?

-Scene stabilization


The incident command system is organized around five major functional areas; command, operations, logistics, finance, and administration, and



Until Air National Guard forces are placed on Title 10 Active Duty Status, they act on behalf of the unit’s state governor.