Explosive Ordinance Reconnaissance(EOR) Nov. 2016

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Which is NOT a characteristic of a bomb?

-They have a propulsion system

Identify one true statement about bombs?

-Bombs use fins or parachutes for stabilization

What is one indication that a UXO is a chemical bomb?

-It may have a strange odor

Which of these is a true statement about unexploded sub-munitions?

-They can detonate from the slightest movement

which of these characteristics of a missile differs from a rocket?

-Missiles have a guidance system

Which of these is not a type of air ordnance?

-Rocket propelled grenades

Cluster bombs consist of what two parts?

-The dispenser and the payload.

What is a characteristic of a combined effects munition?

-It can defeat armored vehicles and target personnel simultaneously

What is the dud rate of a typical cluster bomb unit?


Which of these is non-explosive hazard of a sub-munition?

-Spring Pressure Hazard

Which of these statements is not a characteristic of a landmine?

-They are remotely detonated

Which of these is a true statement about HEAT projectiles?

-The fuses can be activated by any type of movement

Which of these is a true statement about incendiary grenades?

-They burn at over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit and hot enough to melt an engine block

Which of these is a true statement about projectiles?

-All types of projectiles can have explosive fillers and fuzing

Which of these is a true statement about projectiles?

-Projectiles can be fin or spin stabilized

Which of these is NOT a type of projectile?

-Fuzeless shell

Which of these is a shoulder fired grenade with a propulsion motor?

-Rocket Propelled Grenade

How can white phosphorus be extinguished?

-It has to be smothered or burned up

Which of these is a true statement about grenades?

-Grenades can contain explosive and chemical fillers

Which of these are most likely to be used as a minefield?

-Any type of terrain

What causes the greatest damage in an explosion?

-Explosive blast

What occurs when the pressure of an explosion expands and tears the casing of the explosive?


75 pounds of explosives can propel fragments up to what distance?

-1 mile

Which of these BEST defines any conventional explosive weapon that that is capable of a high order of destruction or used in a manner to kill or injure large numbers of people?

-High yield explosive

Which of these items usually contains a not-so-obvious explosive hazard?

-Aircraft ejection seat

What inhalation hazard may be present in an abandoned enemy vehicle that has been fired on by armor-piercing projectiles?

-Radiological hazards

Identify the MOST correct statement about fuses

-Some fuzes are susceptible to transmissions from radios and cell-phones

What substance does a low order explosive resemble when exposed to air and sunlight?

-Dark brown or black rocks

Which of these is NOT a type of fuze?

-Head Fuze

Which of these explosive hazards is intentionally hidden from you?

-Booby traps

What term is used to describe an incomplete detonation, or complete detonation at a lower than maximum velocity?

-Low order detonation

What are UXOs?

-Military munitions that were supposed to detonate but didn't.

When calling in a UXO, what is the minimum safe distance for radio transmission?

-25 feet for handheld radios and 100 feet for vehicle radios

What is the minimum safe distance to a UXO for exposed personnel?

-300 meters

During which step of the 5 Cs should you fill out a 9-line EH report?


Which of these is NOT an indication of a buried UXO?

-Large Fragments

A barricade constructed around exposed resources to shelter it from overpressure and fragmentation is a(an):

-Protective barricade

What is EOR?

-A process to detect, mark, secure and report UXOs

A barricade constructed around a small or medium UXO to isolate the effects of an explosion is a :

-Suppresive barricade

Which of these is a TRUE statement about marking UXOs?

-Always mark the area, not the item

Which is part of the CONTROL step when there is a suspected UXO?

-Use barriers, cordon tape, personnel or any other means necessary

When marking the perimeter of a minefield, how far apart should the markers be spaced?

-15 meters