Annual Opsec Awareness Training 2018

1.Operation Security (OPSEC) as a methodology was developed during which US conflict?
a.A. Vietnam War

2.(True or False) OPSEC is a process that was designed to address inherent vulnerabilities for detecting indicators of friendly activities and applying appropriate shift countermeasures to ensure mission compliance.

3.OPSEC focuses heavily on the control and release of _____________?
d.Sensitive and Unclassified

4.Airmen should solicit the advice of their _______, _______, ________ and _________ when publicly posting or publishing work-related information to internet-based capabilities.
d.All of the above

5.(True or False) All 59 MDW Personnel must review and be familiar with their Commander’s OPSEC Policy Letter and Critical Information & Indicators List.

6.____________ is the condition achieved by the denial of critical information and indicators to adversaries. Describes which term listed below?
b.Essential Secrecy

7.Think before you post, watch what you say, and using technology to ensure privacy (passwords and shredding) are “Best Practice” examples of?

8.Policy Letters and Critical Information and Indicators List (CIIL) are reviewed and may be updated ___________.

9.(True or False) Publicly disseminate, or publish photographs displaying critical information. - Examples include but are not limited to: Improvised Explosive Device strikes, battle scenes, casualties, destroyed or damaged equipment, personnel killed in action (both friendly and adversary), and the protective measures of military facilities.

10.(True or False) Actively encourage others (including family members and family readiness groups) to protect critical information and indicators.

11.IS hacked numerous social media accounts associated with the DoD, group that claimed attack was the “__________.”

12.(True or False) Islamic State utilizes a social media and propaganda videos to include beheadings and documentaries in an attempt to appeal to Westerners to join the fight for Jihad

13.(True or False) OPSEC does not support planning, preparation, execution, and post execution phases of any activity, operation or program across the entire spectrum of military action and in any operational environment.

14.Who are the designated points of contact for all OPSEC program updates, current CIIL and Commander’s Policy Letters?
d.Both B and C

15.Where is the 59 MDW OPSEC Policy Letter and CIIL located?
a.59 MDW SharePoint (Wing Plans)

16.(True or False) Open Source Intelligence is intelligence collected from publicly available sources. In the Intelligence Community, the term “open” refers to over, publicly available sources

17.Which of the following choices listed below mitigate Open Source Intelligence issues?
d.All of the above

18.OPSEC is the security practice that complements the traditional security disciplines _______, _______, ________ and ________and is a critical element of any comprehensive security program.
d.All of the above

19.“If I am able to determine the enemy’s dispositions while at the same time I conceal my own, then I can concentrate and he must divide.” Who said the famous quote?
c.Sun Tzu

20.Who is your current 59th Medical Wing OSPEC Program and Signature Management Office?
d.All of the above