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Siprnet Security Annual Refresher Training JKO

Which if the following methods is not authorized for destroying classified information

Cyber commands are large, capable, and powerful organizations, but our collective security really begins with what?
Your personal vigilance, attention, and adherence to our security standards and procedures

Who maintains the security clearance access roster for the command
The command security manager

You are authorized to share your token pin with other personnel since it's not a password

Annual siprnet security refresher training is conducted solely to eliminate minor security violations

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What does siprnet stand for
Secret internet protocol network

What army regulation contains both the army policy for handling the unauthorised disclosure of classified information and other security incidents, and general guidance or "how to" for commanders?
AR 380-5

Which if the following statements are true concerning protecting classified information in the workplace
Work materials such as drafts and worksheets

If you are an officer, senior non commissioned officer, senior army civilian

What is the form number for the courier identification card that is used to identify personnel that are authorized to carry classified military information

WHY do we conduct siprnet annual training
all EXCEPT required by army/dod policy

What is the secret internet protocol router network?
A secure encrypted network authorized to process classified military information (CMI) up to, and including U.S. Secret

CMI is the acronym for categorized military information

Which of the following choices represent common SIPRNET-related security violations
All of the above

The person appointed to conduct the preliminary inquiry should not have been previously involved, directly or indirectly, in the incident and must have the appropriate security clearance.

Siprnet tokens contain three individual public key infrastructure certificates. The certificates are used for all of the following actions except what?
Gaining access through an entry control point

What is the data transfer across security domains known as?

A siprnet user must have which of the following requirements prior to accessing the siprnet system?
All of the above

Siprnet removable hard drives may be stored in a fireproof, keyed file cabinet